The Big Apple


During a moment of weakness I spent money I don’t have on a weekend trip away to New York City. I thought about the exotic food, great shopping and abundance of activities. Having just returned from my solo weekend away I have learnt a few things I never thought possible. I missed Stillwater, I missed my bed in Stillwater and I missed the weather in Stillwater.

New York has taught me to never take Oklahoma’s weather for granted, something I never thought I would or could be saying. The absolute promise of wind everyday regardless of the forecast provides stability I just don’t have in the City.  I know it will be windy, but sadly there’s no such guarantee in NYC as I recently found out. What. A. Pain. My visit to the Big Apple also pointed out a few deficiencies in their accommodation that humble old Oklahoma generally doesn’t have to deal with. Space. Oklahoma is one big, wide, open space and as I found out $50 a night in the city will literally only get you a bed and not one built for any life form over 5ft tall.

I guess what I’m trying to say Stillwater is, as my time here is sadly running out and I’m really, genuinely going to miss you and I’m showing it in the only way I know how, by back-handed compliments.

Heres the link to the worst Manhattan hotel $50 can buy, where only the bravest survive.

Images taken by author.





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