National Dog Day

One of the hardest things about being away from home is missing all the important celebrations. And no, I’m not talking about Mom’s birthday or my brother’s graduation, the hardest part of travelling has been missing National Dog Day. An annual festivity dedicated to celebrating our beautiful, furry little friends. My yappy little rescue pups, Frankie and Billy have been poorly neglected on their big day in light of my absence. With a veterinarian for a Father, this day has always been of utmost importance, competing with the likes of Christmas and Easter in our household. So it will come as no shock that I have been severely, psychologically scarred by missing it. I unfortunately, am not the only one. Frankie and Billy are yet to reply to my emails and according to Mom, are boycotting my bedroom at home.

In a desperate bid to gain the animals forgiveness, I have been patting every dog in Stillwater. Big, small, ugly or smelly I don’t discriminate. I even donated to the Animal Welfare League at home, hoping beyond measure that would be enough to get me my dogs love again. It wasn’t until I stumbled my way through the Student Union OSU shop that I found the Holy Grail of solutions. An OSU dog bandanna. Twenty five dollars and a nice shipping bill later I am finally back in the good graces and have learnt a valuable lesson. Never, ever forget the dogs.

Click here to donate to the Animal Welfare League




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