Spring Game

This past weekend marked my first but hopefully not last college football experience. The annual spring game exceeded my sky-high expectations of American football with a huge crowd, lots of enthusiasm and the biggest stadium my seasoned eyes have seen in a while. My slightly hungover girlfriends and I grabbed ourselves a seat, ice-creams and put our sporting knowledge to the test. Turns out, we know nothing. It so happens that without the commentary, slow motion replays and my father’s coaching, I know little about American football.

I attempted to compare it to my native country’s equivalent, AFL, a sport I am particularly fond of. My vast knowledge on Australian Rules football, a mixture of Gaelic football, Soccer and Rugby, unfortunately failed to provide me with any clues as to the practices of American Football. I gave up, enjoyed the sunshine, passionate crowd and abundance of fit bodies on display, no complaints.

Despite not walking away with any additional football knowledge, I did walk away with new-found knowledge from my time in Boone Pickens Stadium. One, not wearing orange to a sporting event in Stillwater will ensure you long, resentful stares from your peers. Two, don’t do a football game hungover and three, college football is bloody brilliant.

Click here to check out the Cowboy’s upcoming season schedule.
Photos taken by author.




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