Spring Break


There’s nothing quite like a trip away to help you appreciate the creature comforts of home and that’s just what Spring Break has done for me. A quick train trip to Austin to see and experience the magic of South by South West, an early-morning flight to Charleston to consume my body weight in hot biscuits and grits and a final stop in Savannah for a little rest and recuperation. We planned our days around our next meal and fell into bed each night with sore feet and overstimulated minds. A bloody amazing Spring Break if I do say so myself but the reality of travelling can sometimes weigh heavy.

A total absence of clean clothing, personal space and the hostel dorm rooms shared with obscenely inebriated 20 something’s can be trying. There’s nothing glamourous about it. It may sound strange but often my favourite part of travelling is coming home. The sudden new appreciation for the everyday comforts you constantly take for granted. Access to a private bathroom and Wi-Fi, your own bed and seeing your favourite people again. Throughout my Spring Break I found myself fantasizing about my homecoming to Stillwater, visiting Walmart again, going to the gym (post shrimp & grits depression will do funny things to the brain) and of course, going to my Electronic Communications class again. Simply divine. Testimony to the small town charm of Stillwater, something nowhere else can compete with.

Here’s the webpage of the beautiful, South Carolina plantation featured in the images.




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