Don’t Die

I’m giddy with excitement for the weekend and no, not because it spells a brief reprise from school work or party time, am excited for other reasons. Mom and Dad are coming to town! They are gracing the little town of Stillwater with their presence for two whole days and I’m jumping at the gun to see them. Not only because Mom promised me half a suitcase full of my favorite Aussie foods either, although she gains some serious brownie points lugging three bags of hot cross buns through customs for me.

Despite their imminent and very exciting arrival, the world seems to be having different ideas. A tornado warning has been issued for later this week, a factor of Oklahoma life that utterly terrified my dear Mother. As I left her at Adelaide Airport, she kissed me on the cheek and warned me “not to dare die in a tornado”. Great advice, thanks Mom. But perhaps more worrying is the fact that my Father, on his fifth trip to the States finally has to drive a car. He has quizzed me for any tips or road rules I have noticed, desperate for any ideas on how to drive on the WRONG side of the road. I just told him “don’t you dare die in a car crash”. Wise words, you’re very welcome Dad.



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