Video Assignment Blog

I was initially rather stuck for ideas for the concept of the video. I found watching some of the past examples of students work really helped me along with brainstorming ideas. I eventually settled on a comical take on college with my fellow Aussie Tyana. I actually found the filming element of the assignment rather simple, Tyana was brilliant with showing her personality and humor. The part I did struggle with was the editing and composition of the video. I mashed all of my scenes together and was happy with the content and basic premise, but found that it was roughly 30 seconds too long. I obviously needed to cut the video down so I eliminated a few scenes that I felt weren’t necessary but I think I also over-edited. The feedback from class was that the timing was a bit off with some of the funny scenes, which I agree with. If I were to do it again, I would have resisted the urge to cut the video down, instead leaving the quality and timing to speak for themselves. All in all though, I was really pretty happy with how it all turned out. It wasn’t an assignment I was initially particularly enthusiastic about but I definitely learnt how to edit, learnt from my mistakes and ended up really enjoying the process.



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