My Place

I had the distinct pleasure of having two of my nearest and dearest from home visit me this past week. Despite my inept hosting skills and the weight of the ‘hostess hat’, I managed to plan a two day extravaganza of sightseeing for my fellow Aussies. They wanted food and culture and boy did they get both.

We stopped by the obvious spots, a brisk walk through campus, the strip on a Friday night and an extensive tour of my 2 m by 4 m dorm room. Impressed is an understatement. The highlights for them were my choice in camoflauge sheets, the impressive collection of red brick on campus and the ‘extensive’ range of nightlife options. For the most part though we enjoyed the taste of Stillwater, a culinary tour of sorts. I took them for a 2am Mexican feast at Qdoba Grill and they had us at Queso. The girls, University of Texas exchangers themselves introduced me to the gastronomic delight of What-a-Burger’s honey butter chicken biscuit, a true thing of beauty and cholesterol, again ashamedly a 2 am stop-off but the true highlight was Fuzzys. Short, sharp and shiny Mexican on the strip with wall colors to hurt your eyes but atmosphere to please the soul. Loaded with college students, frozen margaritas and character. Without sounding too much like a cheap tourism ad, if you’re wanting a slice of college culture as much as a slice of quesadilla, Fuzzys is your place. Stillwater is mine.

Check out Fuzzy’s menu here for some real culinary treats!




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