Washington Street

This past weekend, I had my first trip to Washington Street or the ‘Strip’ as it’s affectionately known as. Despite not being a real party animal in my everyday life, I found myself exceedingly excited to experience a sliver of Stillwater nightlife and might I add, I was not disappointed. Hindley Street, my hometown’s equivalent, is known for its bad reputation and sports a real cross section of society’s party goers. Admittedly it’s not a place I frequent regularly due to the overwhelming stench of inebriation, vomit and debauchery but it has been known to be fun in moderation. I was especially curious to compare the nightlife I’m used to, to the offerings of Stillwater.

We started our night, post Bedlam victory, in the ‘College Bar’. An institution on the Strip with cheap beer, great company and an interesting take on décor. A dive bar of sorts, with giant Jenga, connect four and a jukebox for entertainment. They had me at $2 beers. From there we hauled our merry selves to ‘Outlaws’, a crowed and obviously popular spot for loud country music and even louder country dancing. It was there I had my first run-in with a real cowboys, whose belt-buckles competed with the size of my handbag and accents was as real as they come. We danced and laughed until the wee hours, before deciding to head home, Insomnia Cookies in hand. I hit the pillow that night with the knowledge of the nasty hangover to come and having experienced Stillwater in its truest form.

Here’s a party-goers guide to some other great nightlife options in Stillwater

Photo taken by authordsc00937


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