Cherry Cough Lollies

I was recently plagued with a nasty case of homesickness. This past Tuesday I woke up with a nasty fever, the sweats and a deep longing for my creature comforts. Mum and my own, tantalizing bed are enough to conquer any and all illnesses but sadly for me, those are 15,000 kilometers out of my grasping reach.

In an effort to aid my ailing soul, I came up with a number solutions to my problem. I theorized that Face-timing Mom might help cure the cruel mixture of homesickness and well, real sickness that was burdening me, she is a doctor after all. She gave me as good as she could, a cyber cuddle and kiss and told me to drink lots of tea. Five trips to the bathroom and a miserable couple of hours later, still no relief. I tried getting some fresh air, a quick trip to the supermarket to stock up on cherry cough lollies and some multivitamins. Despite my somewhat pathetic efforts, good health was still evading me.

It was only when I collapsed in an overly-dramatic fashion on the sofa in my shared suite did help come knocking. My lovely roommate soon replaced my homesickness with a great set of painkillers, some soup and a warm cuddle. I don’t know whether I was suffering more from a sense of longing for home or with a snotty cold, but I was soon cured. The niggling doubts I had about coming to Stillwater has been replaced with a renewed faith in the power of kindness.

Heres a link with some helpful tips on how best to avoid the flu this season

My roommate, Tyana and I during healthier, less congested times.



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