Exceeding the Limits of Food

As many can testify, food plays an integral and loving role in my life. I look forward to coming home to my stunning pantry, like some do for their not-as-stunning spouses. So when I first dropped the news of my upcoming trip to Stillwater, Oklahoma, my concerned parents quizzed me on how I would cope without access to my regular culinary vices. Is there good Asian food in Stillwater? Anything but burgers, fries and high cholesterol? Australia prides itself on its cultural diversity in people, attractions and foods and I hoped beyond hope Stillwater would too.

My preconceived judgements on the dietary and general variations of Stillwater were shattered soon after arrival in the 74077. With the main road littered with Mexican, Asian and of course, burger eateries, I was pleasantly and wholeheartedly surprised. Little, ol’ Stillwater puts on quite the show. An honourable mention to Golden Dragon Palace for producing serving sizes for my thighs to wince at but my heart to smile at. Thank you.

Unfortunately since my arrival Stateside, the newly-instated leader of the free world seems not to share my sentiments. I can’t help but express the gratitude of my stomach and self, that leaders before this, have encouraged the immigration and multiculturalism that has shaped countries like America and small towns like Stillwater. Food aside, I need to mention the roughly 1,000 Hispanic, 1,900 Asian and 1,600 African American people living in the 40,000 population of Stillwater. Predominantly Caucasian, but with such an enriched culture exceeding the limits of food. To make America great again, does not mean to make America white again Mr Trump.

If you need a refresher on Trump’s immigration ban, read up on it here.

Photograph of Stillwater’s Eskimo Joe restaurant. Photograph taken by author.



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